Healthy mind, healthy body… A lot of us are quite regimented when it comes time to working out the body. So what about working out your mind? Meditation practice is one easy way to do it and here’s some things to consider when you try it out.

meditating woman relaxing in pose of lotus outdoors

It’s not about having no thoughts –  a common misconception is that you have to clear your mind completely in order to meditate when in fact it’s more about not resisting your thoughts and letting them pass in front of you without giving them a reaction.

It’s not about being uncomfortable – for those who don’t mind assuming a yogi, cross-legged position, that’s great! But for the rest, sitting comfortably with your back supported on a chair is also satisfactory.

Pick a time – pick a time of day to meditate so you can establish consistency and build up your mental strength. Also, setting your alarm can help you to keep increasing your times so you can get yourself up to the ideal 20 minute mark.

Have no expectations– just let yourself be without judging the experience or the results right away. Doing this will help you to accept the practice for what it is and let yourself go into deeper meditations.

Just try to enjoy this as your special time away from all of your busy distractions…a little bit truly goes a long way for your overall health and well-being!

Nancy Sacks