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About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a science and a healing art which has been used successfully for over 200 years and is more widely used than ever because it is gentle, safe, effective and non–toxic. Unlike conventional medicine, which works chemically, homeopathic remedies work on an energetic level to trigger your body′s own healing response.

Homeopathy may seem mysterious or complicated, because it is completely opposite to what we′ve been taught about medicine. For example, homeopathic remedies consist of very small doses of natural substances – which if given in large doses would cause the exact symptoms you are trying to fix. Let′s say you felt tired and were to drink a large cup of coffee, you would likely feel energized and mentally stimulated. Homeopathically prepared coffee (known as coffea) would actually help if you were experiencing insomnia from mental over stimulation. That is just one of thousands of examples of the “law of similars”. This concept goes back to ancient Greece where the word homeos (meaning similar) and pathos (meaning disease or suffering) was referred to as “let like be cured by like”.

As opposed to conventional medicine, homeopathy is more concerned with understanding you as an individual, rather than trying to diagnose a disease. Treatment is based on who you are, focusing on your thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical symptoms. The concept of dis–ease in homeopathy is that it is a disturbance at your innermost level, possibly even your body′s attempt to get your attention. Therefore you would never be given different medicines for different ailments; rather, all of the elements are considered in the selection of one homeopathic remedy. Symptoms can also be likened to a fire alarm ringing. Rather than turning off the alarm (suppressing the symptom), we look for the reason why the alarm has gone off and try to fix it.

There are over three thousand homeopathically prepared remedies to choose from, which is why so much time is spent trying to uncover the underlying causes of a particular symptom or illness. The proper homeopathic remedy can make deep and profound changes. It stimulates your body to overcome any dis–ease pattern and ultimately correct itself.

Homeopathic remedies are so diluted that no molecules of the original substance are likely to remain therefore, they have no side effects. That is why they are referred to as energetic medicine. The exact process of preparing homeopathic remedies is both fascinating and somewhat mysterious. A liquid solution is made out of different types of natural substances which are referred to as the “mother tincture”. These tinctures are then diluted with alcohol and water to create a reduced substance, which is further diluted to reach the desired potency. Between each dilution stage the medicine is vigorously shaken causing molecular agitation. This process is called “potentization”, which means that the diluted substance becomes active and energized.

It is understood through clinical practice that as the medicine becomes more diluted it becomes stronger or acts more deeply. With homeopathy – less is more. One theory explains that these diluted substances become imprinted with healing properties during the vigorous shaking – yet they remain gentle to the system. Theories may come and go, however the effectiveness of homeopathy has been demonstrated by over 200 years of successful use worldwide.

Learning how the remedy acts in the body requires a “proving”, which means the remedy is given to a group of healthy volunteers who record all of the effects of the remedy on themselves. At the end of the proving, the information is compiled to incorporate the different healing aspects of the remedy. This information is then used to prescribe the remedies for particular symptoms according to homeopathic principals.

Since homeopathic remedies are diluted energetic medicines, they are not swallowed like a pill; instead they are placed under the tongue to dissolve. The action of the homeopathic remedy is somewhat like throwing a pebble in a pond; there is a ripple effect from a small substance in a large body of water.

The differences between homeopathic and conventional medicine are vast, but they can be used together. In practice today, homeopathy is considered complementary to many other healing modalities. It is an ancient healing art which fits very well into our modern world and offers you a viable option for deep healing.

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