Allergy Survival!


Happy April! It was a rough cold and flu season, and now lots of us are dealing with springtime allergies.

In fact, studies are showing that global climate changes are having an effect on pollens. It seems that the pollen season is starting earlier, lasts longer and hits harder. Below are some things you can do to help deal with allergies naturally:

  • Nettie Pot – this is a good old fashioned tool to help alleviate inflammation of the sinuses (you can also use aspray to get the same effect).
  • Indoor Air Filter – this is an easy way to reduce exposure in your home or office to pollens, dust and even some molds.
  • Local Honey – using this honey will help your body become desensitized to your local pollens.
  • Yoga – another reason to say Namaste… studies have shown that there are quite a few poses and breathing exercises to help reduce inflammation and provide relief from the symptoms of allergies.
  • Detoxification – spring is the ideal time for a liver cleanse. You can go simple by taking a supplement, or go all out by doing a juice fast. Very beneficial!
  • Natural Homeopathic “allergy shots” – believe it or not this concept started hundreds of years ago. You can take a homeopathic (diluted) preparation of any allergen such as grass, tree pollen,mold or dust – to desensitize your allergic reactions. Taking the homeopathic drops is very inexpensive, there are no invasive injections, and they work quickly to alleviate symptoms without side effects.

Green is the color of springtime… so don’t forget to eat your greens! May you and your family enjoy all the beauty the season has to offer.

Yours in Health,

Nancy Sacks, D.H.M.