Be Your Own Valentine

24442234_sValentine’s Day is the chance many of us wait for to tell our significant others just how much we love them… But what kind of messages are we sending ourselves? I hope the answer is LOVE!

Have you ever tried to pay attention to the voice inside your head? So many of us seem to be on autopilot where we unconsciously revert to a harsh inner critic. My suggestion is to pay attention to your inner dialogue throughout the day and when you catch yourself being harsh or negative, try to reframe it into something more positive. What is your inner critic saying to you? Maybe we can reframe it together!

Healthy Self Care
  • If you are rested – you will be more productive
  • If you are eating well – you will have more energy
  • If you are consistently exercising – you will feel better physically
  • If you have carved out some “me” time – you will be a better parent, spouse, colleague, and friend.
Healthy Prioritizing
love-8In a perfect world there is plenty of time to do all of the above, but most of us are maxed out and pushing it to the limit. We’ve got to prioritize so that we can find some balance.
Here are a few of my suggestions:
  • See where you are spending your time and energy then evaluate. Is everything serving you well or can you cut some things out?
  • Set up some healthy boundaries, it’s ok to say NO
  • Give up perfection
  • Delegate wherever you can, and yes it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for help
  • Join the movement of setting up some electronic device downtime, preferably 30 minutes in the morning and 1 hour before bed.
So the takeaway here is to love oneself… It’s the little things that we say to ourselves and the daily habits that we develop that can make all the difference!
Yours in Health,
Nancy Sacks

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