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The 2018-2019 Homeopathic Flu Nosode is here!

I am excited to announce that this year’s homeopathic flu prevention drops have arrived. This is an amazing all natural alternative to the flu vaccine! So here is how the
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Getting Started with Meditation

Healthy mind, healthy body… A lot of us are quite regimented when it comes time to working out the body. So what about working out your mind? Meditation practice is
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Fall Allergies are Here!

Yes, it’s definitely been wacky weather here in So Cal. The unusual humidity and rain we have had makes for a very confusing time for our bodies. Also, the ragweed
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Raising Healthy Eaters

Ok so it’s back to school which means keeping up with activities, sports and homework while trying to prepare healthy meals for the kids and the whole family. I have
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Healthy Sleep Habits

As the days start to get shorter, we should try and find ways to get to bed earlier. Getting more sleep is actually one of the most positive things you
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Happy Summer!

One of the things I love to do in summer is eat lots of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. In fact, just this morning I had half of an organic
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