Cleanse your liver and get added bonus – lose some weight.

sauerkrautWell it’s still officially Spring until June 20th, which means allergy season isn’t over quite yet. Allergies can affect us is so many ways, and can actually be a reflection of deeper issues, even toxicity.

One way to deal with allergies at a much deeper level is to detoxify the liver. Seriously!

Chinese WheelIn traditional Chinese medicine, each season correlates with a specific organ system and spring is considered Liver season. This amazing organ is responsible for over 500 biochemical reactions in the body, and when it becomes sluggish or overloaded – we can end up with lots of distressing symptoms…including allergies.

So, how exactly do you go about cleansing the liver?

It’s really up to you – you can accomplish this by; simple changes in your diet, or by taking specific detox formulas, or even going more extreme by cleansing or fasting.

**Dietary Recommendations:**
Simply eating light and mostly plant based for a specific period of time can be super beneficial. You will also want to avoid processed and refined foods.

The rule of thumb – eat fresh, green and sour foods, such as; asparagus, broccoli, fennel, cucumber, watercress, wheatgrass, kale and fermented foods to name a few.

**Cleansing Herbs:**
The main ones you will want to add; Milk Thistle, Tumeric, Reishi, Dandelion, Artichoke, Licorice, although there are many more.

You can also use formulas that contain synergistic combinations such as Liver G.I. Detox  from Pure or Hepatoven from PRL, both of which are available at our online store the Holistic Haven Pharmacy.

**Detox Programs:**
Although there are many different detox programs available, my personal favorite is a 7 day program called The Core Restore Kit for deep Phase I and II liver cleansing and detoxification. I do this cleanse twice a year…it’s easy to follow, the shake tastes great, I always lose 4 – 5 pounds and I just love the overall results with my skin and mental clarity! My video explains more: Core Restore Liver Cleanse

And lastly, fasting correctly can be an effective way to cleanse your liver. There are many types of fasting to choose from. My favorites are juice fasts and the good old fashioned “Master Cleanse”. To know more about this cleanse, click this link one of my videos on the topic: Master Cleanse and More on Cleansing.

You will be happy to know that as an added bonus you can expect to lose some weight and get glowing skin…just in time for bathing suit season! So get your glow on, and cleanse that liver.

Yours in Health,