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Frequently Asked Questions

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California time: M–W–F 9:30am – 5:00pm and T–Th 10:00am – 7:00pm

In 1997, I was introduced to a healing device known as the SCIO or Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface. I was so impressed by the capabilities of this device that I incorporated it into my clinical practice. The SCIO uses highly specialized software programming to apply the combined benefits of quantum physics, homeopathy and bio–energetic medicine.

The first session will last about 80 minutes. Follow-up visits are 50 minutes. The main test which measures your response to thousands of frequencies takes only about 15 minutes. This scan is comparing you against “normal” frequencies of vitamin levels, food substances, minerals, amino acids, hormone levels, neurotransmitters, enzymes, toxins, bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, meridians, emotions, internal organs, dis-ease patterns, and more. Once the imbalances and stressors are seen, the remaining time is spent on various carefully chosen treatments and the creation of a specialized protocol of supplements and remedies designed to correct the imbalances.

Other than being connected to a headband and light ankle and wrist straps which contain the magnetic sensors, there is usually no physical sensation. Some clients feel a pleasant shifting of energy within their body. Most people report a feeling of well being while being energetically treated. You may feel a little tired after the first session since so much energy has been moved around, but some people report feeling better than they have felt in years. It is highly recommended that you drink an extra 16 ounces of water on the day of your appointment.

Each person responds differently to the treatments so the results will vary. However, because the SCIO gives so much information during the session, you will usually be sent home with remedies and lifestyle recommendations designed to enhance your healing process. Most commonly, follow-up visits are made anywhere from two to four weeks depending on your needs. The treatments are designed to stimulate your body to correct itself, so at some point you will have reached your desired level of health and can use the SCIO for maintenance or as needed.

The answer is YES. There are so many ways it can help children and teenagers as well. The beautiful thing about the SCIO, is that it taps into the healthy frequencies of people of all ages, and is able to energetically correct imbalances. Children respond beautifully to this type of natural therapy.

No. The SCIO picks up tendencies rather than diseases. The information provided is different from standard blood tests and x-rays, because it tells us about the energetic state of the body at the time of treatment. In fact, the treatments with the SCIO are not designed to replace your current medications or treatments being provided by your primary care doctor. It is a powerful tool in preventative medicine and can work to compliment and enhance other therapies beautifully. The goal with a powerful healing tool like the SCIO is to become educated, aware and empowered in regard to your own body and your state of health and well being.

Both acute and chronic issues can be helped, for men, women, children and teens in all stages and levels of health. Please refer to the healing specialties page for details as the list is too long to address here. Also keep in mind that acute problems can be addressed very quickly as your energy field will be flowing properly after a treatment, which frees up your body to heal itself. Chronic issues usually take some time depending on the specific concern, which may require a series of sessions on the SCIO, plus other recommended support such as homeopathy, supplements, nutrition or lifestyle changes.

Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine.

I received my Doctorate from the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and trained as a classical homeopath. Further studies with Dr. Lynne Walker, a licensed pharmacist, acupuncturist, homeopath and author, allowed me to gain extensive knowledge in the use of herbs, supplements, nutrition and oriental medical philosophy. My love of knowledge motivated me to research many different healing methods which I could use to promote balance, harmony and well being. I received certification in Touch for Health which uses applied–kinesiology and pursued certification as a Life Coach to help my clients reach their goals. Good fortune led me to study with a Shaman for a few years where I learned to incorporate ancient healing techniques and intuition into my practice.

Nancy Sacks received her doctorate from the Hahneman College of Homeopathy and trained as a classical homeopath. Learn more about Nancy Sacks´ background…

All clients and client information is strictly confidential. However, you can read our clients´ voluntary testimonials here.

Nancy personally sees all of her clients, each of your appointments will consist of a one-on-one session with her.

Remedies refers to a wide range of natural products including nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences and also plant based bio–identical hormones.

Nutritional supplements are designed to provide us with necessary vitamins and minerals, and are digested in the body like a food. Herbs are made from the tinctures of plants and are also digested like a food. Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted natural substances that are designed to be taken sublingual (under the tongue) and are not digested, rather they are absorbed immediately.

Yes! If you find that you need to purchase recommended remedies between appointments, you can purchase them in-store during regular business hours or from our website at Holistic Haven Pharmacy. Please note: We have a much larger inventory available in our physical store, we are working to get all existing products online. Feel free to reach out, we are happy to accommodate if you need something not yet listed online.

Homeopathy is a specific modality of holistic medicine based on “The Law of Similars” also known as “Like cures Like”. Homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural substances and are highly diluted which is said to bring out the energetic healing properties of each of these natural substances. This modality works by stimulating your bodies’ natural healing ability.

YES!!! Of all ages, from infants to teens and beyond. Homeopathics are also safe during pregnancy.

Homeopathy can address the symptoms of most acute problems: from pain or bruising to colds and flu to digestive complaints and beyond. It can also be extremely helpful with many chronic issues, especially with the help of a trained Homeopathic practitioner.

To find out more about Homeopathy, you can refer to the About Homeopathy page on this website.

No, they are safe to use with your medications, but everything is taken into consideration when recommending remedies. There are times when herbs are contraindicated, but never homeopathic remedies, which are “energy medicines” that have been diluted.

Most health insurance companies do not cover my services at this point in time, however a “Flexible Spending Account” can be used for both consultations and supplements. Depending on your individual Health Savings Account payment card, it may not process with our credit card machine. However this is rarely an issue.

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