There is Something New at the Holistic Haven!

As many of you know I have been practicing bio-energetic medicine for over 2 decades. Something new came to my attention last year that got me really excited, I saw such amazing healing potential that I had to learn more. So after many months of research and extensive testing on both myself and others, I am thrilled to be offering the “Miracle” quantum sound therapy treatments at Holistic Haven!

What exactly is the Miracle? It is cutting edge technology made with Tesla scalar coils and 5 inert noble gases, which sends healing Scalar energy to you through sounds. Here is how it works: we record a 10 second sample of your voice, the Miracle software then determines your stressors and imbalances based on your voice, and from there generates your personalized 21 minute Quantum Sound Therapy session, which you listen to through the attached headphones.

Miracle-Scalar-VortexThe sounds you hear are based on what your body needs to heal, some sounds are pleasant and some are not so pleasant – but the overall effect tends to be very relaxing. Many clients are reporting that it feels like they have gone into a deep meditative state!

What’s more the creator of this device, Robert Lloy, is getting amazing results with chronic diseases after multiple sessions. The Miracle Scalar Vortex technology has the unique ability to:

  • Stimulate and restore balance
  • Clear emotional blockages
  • Clear emotional traumas
  • Help clear subconscious fears
  • Activate the Pineal gland
  • Restructure and repair the DNA and telomeres
  • Harmonize the organs and glands
  • Increase neuroplasticity
  • Expand the dendrites
  • Protect against EMF’s and geopathic stress
  • Assist the reduction of inflammation
  • Supports rejuvenation during sleep
  • Protect you from pathogenic invaders
  • Raise your Frequency and more…

Another special feature is that you can record affirmations as part of your Quantum Sound Therapy, which makes this truly next level healing! Please call if you have questions or want to stop and check it out.

Yours in Health,
Nancy Sacks